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This is where I will rant about stuff that annoys or frustrates me :D

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At my school, they do this thing every year where around 80 of the top students in the year get study leave a week earlier than the rest of us. And the "top students" are the ones that have the best learning characteristics so, they have lots of grit/zest/curiosity etc. And they have met all of their target grade or are above.


The stupid thing is, your target grades are based on what you got in your Year 6 SATs. For example, I got a 5C in all of my SATs, so all of my targets are Bs (apart from German which is a C). And I find it so hard to get a B. But then there's other people who's targets are Cs and D's that are getting study leave because they have met all their targets. Like, that's unfair! The SATs were so easy but that doesn't mean that because you found them easy, you'll find GCSE exams easy too! I think everyone should get study at the same time, because it'd be so much easier.

There's been a few days now, where I've had no exams that day but because I don't get early study leave, I've had to stay in the entire day. And i don't get much classwork done, so it's a total waste of time!

One upside of all this, is that in 2 days (26/5/16) everyone gets study leave and if you're stuck in school because you have an exam soon or your parents can't come and bring you home, my school is providing us with FREE food in the canteen. I mean, how great is that???? Every teenagers dream, right?!

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