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This is where I will rant about stuff that annoys or frustrates me :D

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In all the revision sessions and lessons I was in throughout the 3 years I was doing food tech at my school, the teacher would always say "for your exam, you need to memorise a recipe on your given topic of he exam". So, it's a week before my FT exam and I was like, "right, gotta learn my recipe. I'm going to choose spaghetti bolognase, because that's an easy one". So I spent a week memorising this recipe and on the morning of the exam I said to my two food tech buddies "guys, I've got at least 10 marks in this exam from memorising this recipe". And guess what?


I was so angry.

One thing that no one was prepared for was the 5 mark question on how to do a product analysis. Now, I know how to do it, that's not the issue. The issue was, that I had no idea how to explain it, and to get 5 marks on it?? I probably got about 3.... and that's being generous.....

There was one particular section in this exam that EVERYONE was complaining about, and that was the bit about foreign bread. The question was something along the lines of "Why might people in Britain often prefer to buy foreignow bread? [6 marks]"

Um... I don't know AQA... because it's something different from your average loaf of Kingsmill white bread you get here??

The last thing that was pretty random if you ask me, was a question that asked "why are vitamin C tablets added to bread?" Right, I'm sorry but, HOW THE HECK ARE WE MEANT TO KNOW THAT?!?!?

If anyone else took this exam and has any angry feelings about it, please comment down below to let me know how you found it :)

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